23 Mar

European is really just an umbrella term for the many distinct sub-races of what is popularly refereed to as "White" people. Many "White" people are no more white than Blacks are coloured. The Scandinavian are as distinct culturally as they are in appearance to the Celts for example. Dark Mediterraneans are not White people and are significantly different to all other, again, what are referred to as White Europeans. The Mediterraneans are different culturally and in appearance, because culture and appearance comes from race. There are those who'd be overwhelmingly Scandinavian or other, then there are those who are a mix of European. I for example, would describe myself as overwhelmingly Anglo-Saxon.

This is what I have found to be true. That, overwhelmingly as a whole, Blacks (and even Browns, by that I mean, "Blacks" that are mixed race and have White ancestry) want us wiped out, or to assimilate us.

My Western born and raised, half Jamaican, half White English, former lifelong childhood best friend, considered well educated for todays anti-White standards, a teacher would you believe it, said to me something to the affect of, "so what if there weren't White people anymore, so what if we all end up brown, then there won't be racism anymore." As if for example, White people prevent China from having open boarders with Africa? We could go on, but you get my point surely. The scary thing is, although this former friend of mine doesn't like dating Black or Brown men, preferring White or any other mix other than those who who have Black or Brown ancestry, she thinks racism will be solved when there are no Whites left, when Whites have been assimilated by non-whites, and she is teaching our White children! She is not who you would expect such stupid ideas to come from. You can imagine the ideas the dumber ones come up with!?

As a whole, despite Whites rallying behind Blacks (and Browns), they are not White peoples allies! We don't seem to have any.

Here are some statistics to bare in mind. Also keep in mind that Whites (European stock, whether in America, Australia, or Europe it's self) are estimated to make up only around 10 - 6 % of the world's population, and dropping, reduced through means of unnecessary anti-white wars, social engineering and political policies. Out of the following stats, some have to be mixed race, even still, there is only 24% of the worlds population that have Blonde to light brown hair, only 1% have Red hair. Green eye colour is the rarest, with only around 2% of the worlds population having green eyes, and approx. only 8% of the world's population has blue eyes. Again, of which, some would be mixed race.

Whites, the real coloured people and racial minority of the world, no doubt a race with much beauty, with a proud history of achievements, are an endangered species, being made so by the institutions that are meant to represent Whites and only Whites. Race is more than appearance. Appearance just the obvious identifier. From race comes culture! Lose a race and the sub-races of that race, lose those cultures and lose that beauty!

"White" people are coloured people. Our eyes, skin and hair all vary. Europeans with actually White skin and redheads are a endangered breed. "White" people as a whole are endangered. Race is more than appearance. Preserve race, preserve culture. We must unite and seek our preservation. 

Don't wonder why animal rights like much of our way of lives has gone backwards. From race comes culture. Immigrants bring with them their culture such as Kosher and Halal. Those who allowed foreign (alien) blood in, foreign alien cultures, have allowed the eroding of the White culture(s) that was. "Diversity" is code for White genocide, that's why it is only forced on countries settled by and native to Whites.

There is nothing wrong with European (White) people having pride and looking out for their interests! There is something seriously wrong with anyone thinking otherwise in countries native to and settled by Whites, overwhelmingly slaved over, fought for and made by Whites.

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