25 Apr

Anti-Whites have a racist mentality towards White people. Anti-Whites do their best to justify their twisted logic towards Whites. Sadly, the anti-Whites have convinced most Whites to believe Whites should accept a collective guilt and responsibility for the actions of a few Whites many generations ago, such as the use of Black Slaves in America. People have been led to believe that Whites have committed unique crimes. It has been completely covered up that members of all races in a position to have at some point or time throughout history, been behind actions Whites are collectively punished for, still and increasingly today. Some actions considered criminal in the West are still today respected, celebrated, widely seen as acceptable, or effectively allowed and tolerated in non-White countries. One or more of the worst non-White customs I can think of have never been accepted or even widely practiced in White countries such as FGM. This like every other reality Westerners find less than ideal is somehow seen as the responsibility of or even the fault of Whites by lunatic anti-Whites.

Slavery and other actions that are unacceptable in White majority countries, by White Western standards, were not considered a crime till White dominated countries officially recognised such actions as such. Not justifying it, but it is important to note that slavery has gone on and will continue to go on in the rest of the world regardless of whether a few or more Whites continue to some how benefit in any way from it.

Why are Whites compensating Jews, Blacks etc? No other race, besides the White European race, has ever payed compensation to, and been made responsible for others, for deeds of dead people, people with no direct relation even!? Even White people who are descendants of slaves!? Blacks, Arabs, Jews etc have never compensated Whites, and never would, for the genocide and enslavement of Whites at the hands of members of their race and religion

Politicians in formally White countries, in the homelands of White people, both native and settled, need to forget serving citizens, and serve the founding stock... in the case of countries settled by Whites, I'm most certainly not talking about the natives and "natives". Aboriginal Australians and "native Americans" have been and are carried and protected by White people. They have been allowed to basically govern their people, in their parts of the country, but shouldn't it be on their backs!? Even then, they will be protected at the very least by White people.

The majority of Whites are yet to learn the truth. The truth is that Europeans have been enslaved by non-Whites throughout history, yet it were Whites who were the first race to abolish slavery where we had power a long time ago. You can note the time of nobility as examples of Whites, for countless generations developing ideals and attitudes that most Westerners consider what we all should aspire to. Mistakenly, Whites think everyone everywhere share such principals. The righteous, loving, self sacrificing heroic example found in movies starring globalist cuck super heroes is the driving force within Whites. Our peaceful, and in comparison to most, our well functioning societies we see today are no accident, they are the result of White people.

Even some settlement was done with good intentions, some of which has ensured native people and cultures were preserved, where as, not as fortunate, the victims, including covered up evidence that points to White victims throughout history, of the so called "native" "Americans", Blacks, Asians, Arabs and other, who are guilty if you like of any, all or more of the crimes some Whites have committed. Even worse, what is happening as we speak. The worst of a countless list of examples: As we speak, Blacks are ethnically cleansing Africa of Whites and other non-Black groups.

Mass immigrants CAN NOT BE ASSIMILATED, as those that have forced on, only and all White countries intended! The reason used to justify mass immigration HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LOVE! And those that have come for love of our people, to love one of our people, COME TO BE ASSIMILATED. The rest come to take ownership FOR THEIR RACE! Let that sink in! There should be no need for “anti-Racism”, “diversity” etc etc indoctrination in mainstream media and education. 

To be clear, countries native to and settled by Whites weren't anything till Whites solely in most cases, or overwhelmingly at least, slaved over them, built them and made them. That's still the case. This is a White holocaust! Stop White Genocide!

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