28 Jan

With lines like "if more people knew their ancestry, they would be more welcoming of people from different cultures," DNA tests are being heavily marketed. Media and publicly traded companies are not even hiding that they are hoping to influence racial self-identity, with, what has been found to be unreliable and misleading ancestry tests, serving the more and more obvious anti-White agenda. Meanwhile, when ever discussing the hot topics and pushing for continued mass immigration, for one, culture or religion is the word and subject the establishment use and distract with rather than discussing race. The afraid general public dares not to ever discuss race for fear of serious social and professional consequences.

Israel genetically tests to keep Israel pure "Jewish", yet every effort to even discuss undoing decades of devastating genocidal policies against Europeans and their cultures is linked to Hitler and Nazis as a way to demonise the movement. South Africa is a glimpse of the future for Europeans world wide without drastic action. 

Communism has killed even more people than Islam, but Hitler is still the most evil man to ever exist and Nazis are the most dangerous group of people that could exist. One of the most destructive forces is now celebrated by many, and it inspired German Nazis. 

I don't identify as a Nazi, if for no other reason, like it or not, most people will be turned off if I did. That hurts the cause of a future for the White race. I find those who do identify as Nazis, are obsessed with clearing Hitler's name, to the point of that being more the priority, even if it is getting the cause of fighting for a future for Whites no where. I have said it before, I will say it again, I would throw Hitler's remains under the bus if it helped the cause of the White race. No one will care if "Hitler was right" or not, unless it to justify killing Jews once the White race is wiped out. 

Why would anyone who indeed identifies as a Caucasian, want to make homelands of Caucasians, places where Caucasians are a minority, especially given Caucasians are already a minority of the global population!? Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi is regarded as a father of the European Union. In Kalergi's case, he was mixed race. The son of JAPANESE Mother MITSUKO COUDENHOVE-KALERGI, now, MUSE OF GUERLAIN Perfume. Some are wolves in sheep's clothing, some, just the sheeple. Either way, ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law. Genocide is a most serious crime, which defies both man made laws, and Nature and (the) Gods.

The end game is not anti-semitic, unless the Jew could at least pass as White. It is not anti-Christian unless the Christian could at least pass as White. It is not anti-male unless the male could at least pass as White. It is not anti-nationalism unless it is White people wanting to keep their homelands. The end game is anti-White. This is about one race. The genocide of the White race.

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