08 Jun

Why are we in this situation, you should ask yourself? Some in positions of power and influence have outright, made statements that it is a good thing White people are "predicted" to become extinct in the coming century. While others make no such public statements, many in positions of power and influence, fund anti-White initiatives. Others are lazy imperialists and globalists who are trying to keep their ponzi scheme alive and/or want to rule over divided people's. Because then, they can have us at each others throats, oblivious to what they are doing, step by step, instead of turning our attention to the ruling classes.

Israel genetically tests to keep Israel pure "Jewish", yet every effort to even discuss undoing decades of devastating genocidal policies against Europeans and their cultures is linked to Hitler and Nazis as a way to demonise the movement. South Africa is a glimpse of the future for Europeans world wide without action to undo decades of anti-White policies. 

Why would anyone who indeed identifies as a Caucasian, want to make the homelands of Whites, places where Whites are a hated minority, especially given Caucasians are already a minority of the global population!? Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi is regarded as a father of the EU. In Kalergi's case, he was mixed race. The son of Japanese Mother MITSUKO COUDENHOVE-KALERGI, now, interestingly, MUSE OF GUERLAIN Perfume. Some are wolves in sheep's clothing, some, just the sheeple. Either way, ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law. Genocide is a serious crime, which defies both man made laws, and nature or (the) God(s).

The end game is not anti-semitic, unless the Jew could at least pass as White. It is not anti-Christian unless the Christian could at least pass as White. It is not anti-male unless the male could at least pass as White. It is not anti-nationalism unless it is White people wanting to keep their homelands. The end game is anti-White. This is about one race. The genocide of the White race. 

I'm wondering what will it take for the White collective, to wake up, defend themselves and the inheritance and best interests of their children and descendants!? #fucktheun 

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