28 Aug

Muhammad was a light skinned war lord, a sexual predator, a child molester and rapist, a mass murderer, a genocidal lunatic and supremacist. Muhammad is Islam! Islam can not be cleaned up! Muslims are followers of Muhammad! If there are no Muslims living in our countries, if the threat of Muslims was taken seriously, even Islamic tourism would be tightly monitored and restricted.

What are referred to as "minorities", in actual fact, are only minorities in formerly White countries. Whites are a true minority of the worlds population, being made so in our own countries.

Immigrants come to take ownership FOR THEIR RACE! And their religion second! They may pretend otherwise, but that is the truth! They assimilate some of our best, or stick to their own, as they work in their interests, not the founding stock of the country they have been mostly tolerated by, even befriended.

At least in the 80's when I was born and in those significant years as a child, things were fairly simple still. As a teenager in the late 1990's, things were fairly simple still. You went to school, you came home, there was no fear of terrorists killing your family on any given day, there wasn't much crime or division, everything was pretty fantastic. I'd never even heard of Islam, "diversity" wasn't really a thing yet, it wasn't being pushed down our throats left right and centre and immigration could still largely be ignored because it wasn't affecting that many of our people yet, or at least the affects were yet to become obvious. The gays were accepted, but what are a tiny percentage of the population, and what will never be the majority, was not being promoted as the norm and something that should be encouraged. Whites hadn't been pushed out of numerous towns they grew up in, even whole main suburbs and most important, our cities still felt like ours. Life was still fairly simple when I was a kid.

What globalists have done to our countries has put all of us in harms way, compromised all of our interests, and is negatively impacting all of our mental and emotional wellbeing, especially our children's. What globalists have done is neglect and abuse in the extreme. It is White genocide! 

Whites must take ownership of what is ours, FOR OUR RACE, or suffer the consequences!!!

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