24 Apr

I’m still waiting for someone to explain why we are the ones who are racist? Why are we the ones who are belittling? We are not cheering on anyones genocide. We are not trying to colonize Indonesia, China, Mexico etc. We are not demanding Mexicans and Blacks or any other race throughout the world open their boarders and assimilate with mass immigrants, especially with Whites. We are not demanding to be the responsibility of others in non-white countries. Jewish, Muslim, Asian, Mexican and Black etc supremacists are demanding of Whites what they would never demand of their own or anyone else.

For one and the most shocking example, South Africa, with the help and guidance of communists in the West, is now ruled by Blacks, a part of Africa and a country Blacks are NOT native to (an Asian race are) and a part of Africa made by and made once successful by Whites. Blacks in power are doing their best to put policies in place that ensure Whites can’t survive, those that qualify for refugee status are denied in even their ancestral land in preferences for the likes of Black and Arab males, majorities from parts of the world notorious for barbaric customs and ethnically cleansing minorities. Those running formerly Whites countries are not letting in the vulnerable and at risk Blondes and Christians as much (not even worth a mention compared) as they are letting in the Arab Muslims and Blacks who persecute them. It wasn’t long ago S.A. was a desirable place for some Whites to want to live. A similar scenario will happen in America, Europe, Canada and Australia etc and soon unless urgent action is taken to ensure it won’t. 

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