27 Aug

Non-white mass immigrants come to organise, promote the interests, further the cause of and take ownership for their RACE. Let that sink in! They come to take ownership of what was overwhelmingly created by Whites. And they silence you with silly words.

Anti-White is a mentality even many Whites have.

Many Whites are so conditioned to not even consider the wellbeing of Whites as a collective, all the while collectively feeling false guilt and responsibility for all other races.

Anti-White Whites are sacrificing their own, their children's and future descendants future. It is sick!

As for anti-White non-white mass immigrants, they are complete hypocrites. They would never allow their native and conquered lands to be made free for alls, and no one expects it of any non-white country, even countries comparatively no more crowded and just as wealthy, it is only White countries it is expected of, with no end in sight to immigration nor a reverse if up to the anti-White globalists and just the soulless that infest our mainstream political parties, media, and financial, "religious" and "education" institutions.

Those in positions of power over countries native and settled by Whites are facilitating and promoting White genocide as defined under international law, setting about conditions that lead to harm and disadvantage now and increasingly for Whites where ever they call home on this planet, the ground work for the eventual complete destruction of Whites has been laid, Whites being a minority of the world's population, being made minorities in their own countries.

More would oppose White genocide if not socially engineered to accept and even support it. Genocidal policies targeting Whites continue and overwhelmingly it is being funded by Whites.

They say "yellow", brown and black immigrants, "migrants" and "refugees" should 'FIT IN OR FUCK OFF'? So, as long as they abide by our norms and are polite about taking our countries from us, that's ok?

Israel for genetically tested Jews, Muslim countries for Muslims, Asia is for Asians, Black countries are for Blacks, but White countries have been made multi-racial, and every race is celebrated and looked out for in White countries, bar Whites?

Home is your people, it is your family, it is your blood, your race, not just a place. The place does matter, but the people are what make a place great or not. Culture comes from race.

“Home is people. Not a place. If you go back there after the people are gone, then all you can see is what is not there any more.”
Robin Hobb, Fool's Fate

Whites need to wake up that they are being victimised by genocidal thieves and act accordingly. 


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