11 Apr

What are now refereed to as the original people of New Zealand, enslaved and ATE the actual original people, but no one says they do not have a right to THEIR country and a right to a future, just for one example of the anti-White agenda at play!

Muslim countries are for Muslims , despite Muslims enslaving non-Muslims, including Whites, throughout history, Muslims are being enabled to colonise the West, meanwhile, Muslims are ethnically cleansing the Middle East of Christians and Blonde bloodlines!?

Jews have enslaved and killed, not just Europeans throughout history, because of open boarders for White countries in recent decades, which Jews are proud to be behind, White people have been subject to harm and loss of life as a direct result, robbed of a safe homeland, but Israel is for genetically tested Jews!?

Most were never taught how Asians have waged war against Europeans. In modern times, it took, not one, but two nukes to stop the aggressors and ruthless Japanese . China is committing genocide in Tibet and is being enabled to colonise the West, and Indonesia, a richer country than Australia, is committing genocide in West Papua after the U.N. made the Dutch leave, as Indonesia among other non-white countries extorts money from White people , but Asia for Asians!?

Few know, Blacks have enslaved non-blacks throughout history, including Europeans, not just their own kind, but Black countries are for Blacks, even South Africa, where Blacks are not native and are ethnically cleansing the place of Whites!?

But White countries do not stand for the White founding stock that created, and overwhelmingly, solely, SLAVED over and sustain/maintain them, not even for Europeans in native Europe, White countries are for everyone? The suicide of a nation, the suicide of a race... once forced upon the majority, now invited by far too many of our own, brainwashed and oblivious. And it's cucks who support this suicide that the enemy aka the mainstream media gives a voice to, while demonising those opposing it. 

What is happening, on a global scale to White people and their homelands, is defined as GENOCIDE under international law! "Anti-racism" is racist, and genocidal, towards White people! Diversity is code for White genocide! 

If you know people who support the genocidal scam called citizenship immigration, "diversity" and consider themselves, "anti-racist," you know people who support the genocide of the White minority of the world's population!

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